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40+ Inspiring Small Home Office Ideas — THE NORDROOM
40+ Inspiring Small Home Office Ideas — THE NORDROOM from


Working from home has become a new norm. Many people have adapted to this new lifestyle, but it can be challenging for those who live in small spaces. Even though some people have small spaces, it doesn’t mean they can’t create a functional and comfortable home office. In this article, we will discuss some small space home office ideas that you can implement in your home.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

When it comes to creating a small space home office, it’s crucial to choose the right furniture. Consider furniture that is multi-functional and can save space. For example, you can use a wall-mounted desk that can be folded when not in use. Also, consider a chair that can be easily tucked under the desk to save space.

2. Use Vertical Space

When you have limited floor space, it’s essential to use vertical space. You can install a floating shelf above your desk to store books, files, and other office supplies. Additionally, you can use a pegboard to hang office supplies like paper clips, pens, and scissors.

3. Let in Natural Light

Natural light is essential in any workspace. When you work in a small space, natural light can make the space feel more open and airy. Consider placing your desk near a window or using sheer curtains to allow natural light into your workspace.

4. Keep it Clutter-Free

Clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. To create a functional and comfortable home office, it’s essential to keep it clutter-free. Invest in storage solutions like file cabinets and desk organizers to keep your office supplies organized.

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5. Use Color to Your Advantage

Color can have a significant impact on how a space feels. When it comes to small space home office ideas, it’s essential to use color to your advantage. Consider using light and neutral tones to make your space feel more open and airy.

6. Incorporate Plants

Plants can add life to any space, including your home office. Consider incorporating plants like succulents or a small potted plant to add some greenery to your workspace.

7. Create a Separate Space

When you work from home, it’s essential to create a separate space for your home office. Even if you live in a small space, you can create a separate area for your office. Consider using a room divider or a curtain to divide your workspace from the rest of your living space.

8. Invest in Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential when it comes to creating a functional home office. Consider investing in good quality lighting like a desk lamp or overhead lighting to brighten up your workspace.

9. Personalize Your Space

Your home office should be a reflection of your personality. Consider adding some personal touches like framed photos or artwork to make your space feel more like home.

10. Stay Organized

Staying organized is crucial when it comes to working from home. Consider creating a schedule and sticking to it. Additionally, invest in a planner or digital calendar to keep track of your tasks and deadlines.


Creating a small space home office can be challenging, but with the right ideas, it’s possible to create a functional and comfortable workspace. By following these small space home office ideas, you can create a space that is perfect for your work needs while still being cozy and inviting.

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